Cutest anime waifus


You’re probably overwhelmed by the amount of anime on Netflix. There are so many shows to watch, and you have no idea where to start! Well worry no more, dear reader! I’ve taken the time to curate a list of the cutest anime girls on Netflix right now. These are in order of how much I love them (and if it’s not clear already: very much).


Cute Rem in her maid outfit

The second sister, Rem, is a member of the Emilia Camp. She is a demon with horns and cat ears who has been transformed into a maid. She is kind, caring and always tries to help out others in any way she can.

Inori Minase voices Rem in the anime. Inori also happens to be a singer who performs as her own character in her concerts! If you are interested in hearing some of her music then check out this video for Ram’s Theme (Track 1) from Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu Original Soundtrack 2nd Season.


You’ve probably heard of Konosuba already. If you haven’t, it’s a light novel series and anime about a group of adventurers who get transported to another world after acting like fools in their own.

Megumin is one of the main characters in this series, so I’ll give you some background on her before going into more detail about why she’s cute. She has explosive magic powers that are used whenever she casts explosion magic spells (such as Explosion or Crimson Demon). She also tends to blush when she gets embarrassed or angry because of her shyness around others, which makes her adorable in my opinion!

She’s also a tsundere goddess who cares deeply for both Aqua and Kazuma. Her name means “to shine crimson”, which describes both her personality (she can be violent sometimes) and hair color (it’s pink!). Megumin wears glasses most often because they accentuate her eyes nicely; however, even without them she still looks great!

Mio Akiyama

Mio Akiyama is a member of the light music club and one of the main characters in K-On!. She’s a tsundere, and her favorite food is taiyaki.

She’s also a skilled bassist and singer! Mio may not like being the center of attention, but she has a lot to offer as both musician and friend.

Although she doesn’t like to show it, Mio loves cute things! Her younger sister even calls her “Mio-tan,” which means she can be pretty cute when you get to know her better too.

Nico Yazawa

Nico Yazawa is the confident, energetic leader of μ’s, the story’s high school idol group. She’s a natural leader who often rallies the group together when someone needs to be scolded or encouraged. The word tsundere refers to characters that are initially cold toward others but gradually warm up as they get to know them better. Nico exemplifies this type of character: she has a crush on Maki Nishikino (a fellow member of μ’s) and can be very cutthroat when it comes to competing with other idols. She also likes to use English words in her sentences—for example, saying “I’m so hot!” instead of just “I’m hot!”


Tohru is a kind, caring and funny girl who is the main character of Fruits Basket. She lives in a tent outside of the Sohma house, where she has become good friends with Kyo and Yuki. She had a rough past but it all changed when she met Haru, who helped her learn how to love people again.

Tohru has cat ears and a tail because she was raised by them in the woods when she was younger! Since then she has learned how to cook, clean and listen well through their guidance. She also loves wearing cute clothing since they are always so friendly towards her — especially when they compliment her outfits!

Mashiro Shiina

Mashiro Shiina is a popular character in the anime Amnesia. She is a shy girl who is also a gifted artist. She is often bullied by her classmates for being an art geek. However, despite her quiet personality, she can be friendly and approachable to everyone around her. Mashiro has big eyes and a small nose, making her look very cute!

Mashiro wears the typical uniform for students at Amnesia Academy: A light-colored blouse with puffy sleeves (similar to those worn by Japanese schoolgirls) and a short gray skirt with black knee-high socks underneath; however, she also wears dark red lipstick on occasion and has long dark hair tied into twin tails behind each ear.

Yuzu Aihara

Yuzu Aihara is the main character of Citrus. Yuzu is a high school student who lives with her mother and younger brother, Yuki. Her mother owns a cafe named Wombat’s House where she works part-time as a waitress. She also has two best friends: Mei Aihara (her cousin) and Kakeru Tachibana (a transfer student).

Yuzu’s grandfather adopted her after he married into the family, making them sisters in law! While they were raised by their grandparents together, Mei & Yuzu always had a special bond that couldn’t be broken even after they went away during school hours or when they got older; regardless if they weren’t living together anymore…

Rin Tohsaka

Rin Tohsaka cute busty waifu

Rin Tohsaka is a character from the visual novel and anime Fate/stay night. She is the main heroine of both that series and its related works, appearing as one of the two female leads in both Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion and Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion R2.

Rin is a master of the magical class and a student at Homurahara Academy. She is also Tokiomi Tohsaka’s daughter, making her Shinji Matou’s niece through adoption; she refers to him as an uncle because they are not genetically related (though this may be only a legal fiction). She is often called “The Most Beautiful Girl Ever” by fans due to her appearance being very attractive with long blonde hair that reaches down past her hips as well as pale skin which makes it seem like she was born from snow itself! The exact reason why people think she has such good looks however remains unknown but what we do know for sure is that even though many people adore Rin there’s no denying how much sex appeal she has when compared to other girls within this genre.”

Yui Hirasawa

Yui Hirasawa is a cute girl. She’s the main character of K-On!, which is an anime about cute girls playing music together in high school. Yui is a bassist in the band Ho-Kago Tea Time, along with lead guitarist Ritsu Tainaka and drummer Azusa Nakano. They’re joined by Mio Akiyama on rhythm guitar and Tsumugi Kotobuki on keyboards.

The foursome first met when they were middle school students at Sakuragaoka Girl’s High School (which was actually my alma mater). Ritsu was trying to start her own band and invited Yui over to play guitar with her; it was only after this meeting that Azusa showed up looking for someone who could teach her how to play drums. Mio soon joined as well because she figured that if they had another guitar player they could be more popular than just one person—and tellingly enough, Mio has turned out to be right so far!

Chino Kafuu

Chino Kafuu is a high school student who is the main character of the series. She’s a member of the student council, which she won by default because no one else wanted to do it. She enjoys reading and often goes out of her way to help others, even when they are not aware they need help.


San is a shy girl with a very positive attitude. She is great at cooking and loves helping others. Her pet dog Ponkan was born in the camp, so San likes to take care of him.

People often see San as cute and adorable, but she never thinks of herself like that. She always tries her best not to show her feeling or emotion because she doesn’t want people to worry about her or pity her. Instead, she tries to make them happy by offering some food or suggestions whenever they are in trouble.

These are the cutest waifus in anime.

While this list is not exhaustive, it covers some of the most popular cutest anime girls in recent memory. Each of them has their own unique personality and style. From kawaii to sultry, there’s something for everyone!


We hope you enjoyed this list of cute anime girls. If you did, please leave us a comment and tell us who else should be on our list!